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Riding Club

Do you love horses?

Do you wish you could spend all day with them?

Would you like more riding experience?

Would you like your very own pony to look after?

Then the LERC (Lands End Riding Club) club may be the place for you!

All members of LERC get to spend 1 day (or more) every weekend at the stables looking after their own pony! Jobs include riding your pony in from the field, grooming your pony and cleaning out your ponies stables.

All members get pony club tests included in their membership* and can earn extra points towards fee rides and lessons and is a great way to earn your DUKE OF EDINBURGH awards!

All members can spend weekends evenings** and holidays learning how to care and look after horses and all sorts of animals. You get to ride you pony bareback to and from the fields and you can also earn extra free rides!!!

So today was the end of our first mini camp of the year! What a success! Great riding from all riders and doing their first ride to music with no help at all!!! (Except Sammy our little 3 year old!) This is their ride to music can you guess what they were? Everyone passed their stable management proficiency test 1 Well done campers you were awesome! Go team Lands End! ?

Posted by Lands End Equestrian Centre on Friday, 14 April 2017

All for just £30 per year!!!

For more information on the riding club email Suzy. You can then book a date to come and meet us and the ponies.

**Members need to be a certain level to be at the stables evenings

*Badges and riding tests may be and added expense

For details of our Loan Packages please see our Riding School page.

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