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How long will it take me to learn how to ride?

That really depends on how often you have lessons and the goals you wish to achieve. Those who are confident and fit will initially find it easier. Adults generally progress faster than very young children, most people master rising trot in just 4 or 5 lessons.

I am a beginner what lesson should I book?

This depends on your age and what you hope to achieve from your riding. If you are 5 or under we recommend a 20min private lesson. If you are a young person under 16 the either a 30min private lesson or 30min group lesson would be the perfect place to start. All of our adult riders begin with 30min private lessons unless they have a small group of friends that would like to start together.

How many lessons do I need before I can go hacking/trekking?

We have very safe horses and ponies so we are able to take you out hacking from the very first lesson. If you are very small, young or nervous we will begin by walking along side of you. Then building up to riding out with you.

What do I need to wear?

You do not need to buy any special clothing to begin horse riding. If you are having a trial lesson all you need to wear is sensible clothing. All riders MUST have long trousers (legs must be covered when on the horse so long socks should be worn with the trousers. Leggings or tracksuit bottoms are perfect as they are comfortable and stretchy. Riders should Always have their shoulders covered, no halter or strappy tops permitted, long hair should be tied back, no jewllery (a medical braclett/necklace is permitted) and hard souled closed toed shoes should always be worn, sandals, open toed shoes and high heels are NOT permitted. Wellies would be perfect.

Once you are in regular lessons we recommend that you purchase the correct safety wear. Riders should wear correct riding hat up to the latest European safety standards. A body protector, gloves, jodhpurs and correct footwear. Riders should also have long hair tied back and no jewellery.

What happens if I arrive for my lesson in the wrong clothing?

We cannot take you off lead rein without the correct safety ware. We can hire you riding hats and body protectors but if you arrive in unsafe clothing we will have to charge you 100% of your lesson fee but you will be unable to ride.

How old do I have to be to learn to ride?

As long as you are happy for your child to be looked after by our experienced staff members then you are plod enough to ride. There is no upper age limit. Please note parents are NOT allowed to walk along side of their children.

I’ve been riding and jumping at another riding school can I book a jumping lesson with you?

Before we can book you in for a jumping lesson we would have to see you ride. A 30min private assessment lesson would be perfect so we can check that you are safe.

I am an experienced rider but my friend is a nervous novice rider can we ride together?

Yes, there is no problem riding together but please be aware that the lesson would have to ride at the pace of the least experienced rider for your safety.

What days do you teach?

During term time we run private lessons on Thursday, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays and group lessons at weekends and Thursday and Friday evenings. During holidays we run all sorts of activities on most days, please keep an eye on our website for updates on activities.

Do you cater for riders with disabilities?

We are not a registered RDA centre and do not have special equipment. We can cater for minor disabilities if the rider is able to get on and off the horse and stay in balance. A communicator is allowed if they are confident with horses as they will be required to walk with the rider. In most cases these will be private lessons. We can also offer stable management lessons to help with knowledge and confidence. As every rider is different please ring to discuss.

What sort of horse will I get?

We will match the horse with the rider in terms of size and ability. On a first visit we will usually give even an experienced rider a slower paced horse until they have been assessed. Bigger does not always mean better and smaller does not always mean slower.

How can I book?

You can book by email at  (please make an appointment to go to the yard as we are not always free to accommodate walk-ins).

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